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Nail Polish Review: Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero

As I walked through the aisles of one of my local drugstores, Müller, I was caught by the Catrice's shelves. They were never really appealing to me until last week. My first thought was: Is that new? Or was I really blind?

Anyways, among the immense variety of nail polish shades the brand offers, I found this one: Clay-ton, my hero (230). Then, you will say: Yeah, one more mud shade in the market. But hold on! This is not your average Dupe for Chanel Particuliere. It’s a tiny bit lighter than many of the “greige” (grey+beige) tones I’ve seen and it has a settled fine golden shimmer running through it, which makes me think something like a perfect autumn day. It also reminds me something unique and expensive.

Natural light x With Flash

As I applied to my nails (I’m not a profi, and I don’t have amazing nails, bear with me), the first coat came a bit sheer, almost opaque, and a second coat came to even out my previous mistakes. The shade dries a bit darker than the colour you see in the bottle, but still very beautiful. However, I was expecting more golden shimmer at the end of application. It turns out VERY subtle in normal light conditions; nevertheless it gives “vibrancy” to the greige colour. The shimmer is only to be seen in direct sun light, as seen in the picture, and when it happens, I smile. I would even dare to say it look a bit “olive green greige”.

Overall, I love it, and I can see myself reaching for this nail varnish a lot during this fall season. I also think ladies (and guys, why not) with a more olive/ yellow undertone complexion will benefit 100% from this colour. I’m not sure if that would suit pink tone skin. The varnish itself dries in a decent amount of time (around 1-2 min one coat) and the formula is not so thick, so you can work really well with this product. The tips faded after 3 days and no chipping occurred before the 5th day, but I can't really tell about these properties, because I always use Seche Vita Top Coat, which makes it shinier and more resistant.

Look at those golden shimmers! (smile now)

What do you think of it? Are you fed up of these in-between colours or are you still rocking them this A/W?


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  1. Olá, tudo bem?
    As you wrote in Eglish, I'll reply in English as well (does that excuse count???).
    You write the color reminds you "of something like a perfect autumn day".
    I'm just wondering, did you put that on because the wheather got so fall-like, or has it gotten so fall-like because you put that nailpolish on???
    :-P :-P :-P
    (Sorry I'm a bit in a sarcastic mood :))

    Um abraco

    PS: I really like the nail polish on you, I wonder how it'd look on me.


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